Individualized Community Notification Assessments
The Sex Offender Community Notification Assessment Program (SOCNA), which is governed by the Sex Offender Assessment Committee, must conduct a community notification assessment on each sex offender required to register in Arkansas -- unless the offender was assessed by a law enforcement agency prior to the development of SOCNA and that assessment information was entered into the ACIC database. Community notification assessments are conducted strictly for the purpose of determining the most appropriate level of community notification.  
Assessment Process
Community Notification Assessments may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • A review of the sex offender's criminal history, with particular attention given to any offense that was sexual or violent in nature.
  • An interview of the sex offender completed by SOCNA staff.
  • A polygraph examination or a Computerized Voice Stress Analysis in cases in which SOCNA staff believe truth verification will help provide a more accurate assessment.
  • A thorough review of any mental health or treatment records available to SOCNA staff at the time of assessment which may be relevant.
  • Psychological testing when deemed necessary by SOCNA psychologists.
  • Child maltreatment reports, incident reports, disciplinary charges from correctional facilities, and criminal offenses for which the offender was charged but not convicted.
  • Other information that is relevant to the offender's offense history and/or pattern of behavior.
  • Completion of appropriate actuarial instruments designed to assess individuals convicted of sexual offenses.
The assigned community notification level is based on a consideration of all of the relevant factors mentioned above and any other information obtained by SOCNA that impacts the community's need to be notified. All of that information is contained in the SOCNA assessment file. The SOCNA file is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.