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ADC Number:  135221 Send $
Name: BakerJr, Randy L
Sex:  MALE
Hair Color:  BROWN
Eye Color:  BLUE
Height:  67 inches
Weight:  167 lbs.
Birth Date:  07/13/1983
Initial Receipt Date:  01/18/2006
Current Facility:  Tucker Unit
Facility Address:  2400 State Farm Road, Tucker, AR 72168-0240  Map
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 240 Tucker, AR 72168-0240
Custody Classification:  C3
Good Time Class:  II
PE / TE Date*:  02/27/2014
Total time*:  15 yrs.
  * may be affected by other laws and regulations


Scars, Marks, & Tattoos:

"AC" "13" (AC Patch)(SS Bolts)(Swastika)
Aryan Circle patches: (1) Circle w/lightning bolts (2) Diamond patch w/english letters
(HEART) "MOM" (HEART) "RIP 2003"
Skull w/AC bolts on forehead

Current Prison Sentence History

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Sentence Length
Fraud Etc Drug Paraphern. 01/09/2006 YELL 2005-30 180 mo.
Hot Check Violation
- Probation Revocation
05/16/2006 YELL 2003-71 12 mo.

Prior Prison Sentence History

Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration since ---

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Com. Sup. Length


Note: Further information may be obtained by contacting the detaining agency.

Detainer Date Detainer Agency Charge Type Date Cancelled
03/24/2017 Washington DOC DOS
04/21/2017 Yell County Sheriff' DCS

Major Guilty Disciplinary Violations

Disciplinary Violation Date
Unexcused Absence 09/07/2006
Individual Disruptive Behavior 09/07/2006
Insolence To A Staff Member 09/09/2006
Individual Disruptive Behavior 09/09/2006
Lying To A Staff Member 04/01/2007
Individual Disruptive Behavior 04/01/2007
Individual Disruptive Behavior 04/01/2007
Unauthorized Use Of Mail Or Telephone 10/05/2007
Individual Disruptive Behavior 10/05/2007
Individual Disruptive Behavior 12/03/2007
Individual Disruptive Behavior 05/11/2008
Individual Disruptive Behavior 05/11/2008
Battery 02/22/2011
Threat(s) To Inflict Injury 02/22/2011
Individual Disruptive Behavior 02/22/2011
Under The Influence 03/04/2013
Individual Disruptive Behavior 03/04/2013
Unexcused Absence 08/19/2013
Individual Disruptive Behavior 08/19/2013
Failure To Obey Order 03/28/2017
Battery 03/28/2017

Risk Score/Level

Agency Prepared By Date Completed Risk Score/Level
Danville 06/09/2015 Minimum
Danville 06/11/2015 Minimum
Danville 08/28/2015 Minimum
Russellville 09/29/2016 Medium
Ouachita River Correction Unit New Commitment 01/06/2017 Medium
Tucker Unit 05/19/2017 Maximum

Court Orders
(Order of Protection, No Contact Order)


Program Achievements

Program Achievement Date of Completion
Graduate Eqival. Diploma (GED) 12/03/2008
Parenting 08/26/2011


Offense Sentence Date County Case # Community Sup Length SIS Probation

Prior Probation/SIS History

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Community Sup Length SIS Probation
Hot Check Violation 02/17/2004 YELL 2003-71 60 mo.
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