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The Arkansas Department of Corrections

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Information current as of 10/03/2023

Inmate Photo
ADC #714020
Runau, Anna R
ADC Number
Runau, Anna R
Hair Color
Eye Color
67 inches
130 lbs.
Birth Date
Initial Receipt Date
Wrightsville Women's Facility
Facility Address
22526 Asher Road, Wrightsville, AR 72206  Map
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1010, Wrightsville, AR 72183-1000
Custody Classification
Good Time Class
PE/TE Date*
Total Time*
20 yrs.
ADC Incarcerations**
* may be affected by other laws and regulations
** Incarcerations: the number of times an offender has been incarcerated with the Division of Correction. An individual may have multiple incarcerations for a single conviction.



"Schadenfreu" Free yourself birds birds on finger

Current Prison Sentence History

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Sentence Length
Criminal Attempt
- Murder-1st Degree
05/05/2016 BAXTER 2015-263 240 mo.

Prior Prison Sentence History

Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration since ---

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Com. Sup. Length


Note: Further information may be obtained by contacting the detaining agency

Detainer Date Detainer Agency Charge Type Date Cancelled

Major Guilty Disciplinary Violations

Disciplinary Violation Date
Possession/Manufacture Of Contraband 07/16/2016
Lying To A Staff Member 02/14/2017
Unexcused Absence 05/03/2017
Unauthorized Use Of State Property/Supplies 07/13/2017
Lying To A Staff Member 07/13/2017
Out Of Place Assignment 08/08/2017
Failure To Obey Order 08/08/2017
Possession/Manufacture Of Contraband 08/09/2017
Lying To A Staff Member 09/02/2017
Failure To Keep One's Person Or Quarters 09/18/2018
Insolence To A Staff Member 09/18/2018
Failure To Keep One's Person Or Quarters 10/30/2018
Possession/Manufacture Of Contraband 01/24/2019
Failure To Obey Order 01/24/2019
Lying To A Staff Member 07/06/2019
Malingering 07/06/2019
Out Of Place Assignment 08/01/2021
Lying To A Staff Member 08/01/2021
Sexual Activity 11/22/2021
Lying To A Staff Member 11/22/2021
Trafficking And Trading 12/17/2021
Self-Mutilation 12/17/2021
Possession/Manufacture Of Contraband 12/17/2021
Failure To Obey Order 10/11/2022
Provoking Or Agitating A Fight 10/11/2022
Failure To Obey Order 10/25/2022
Failure To Keep One's Person Or Quarters 10/25/2022
Battery 08/29/2023
Threat(s) To Inflict Injury 08/29/2023

Risk Score/Level

Agency Prepared By Date Completed Risk Score/Level
McPherson Unit 05/27/2016 Medium
McPherson Unit 09/08/2020 Minimum
Wrightsville Hawkins Center 09/15/2021 Medium
Wrightsville Hawkins Center 10/19/2021 Minimum
Wrightsville Hawkins Center 06/27/2022 Minimum
Wrightsville Hawkins Center 07/29/2022 Minimum
Wrightsville Hawkins Center 07/26/2023 Minimum

Court Orders (Order of Protection, No Contact Order)


Program Achievements

Program Achievement Date of Completion
Vocational-Technical 06/02/2016
Graduate Eqival. Diploma (GED) 10/27/2016
Anger Management 11/14/2016
Thinking Errors Group 12/15/2016
Victims of Domestic Violence 01/19/2017
Anger Management 06/06/2019
Fundamentals Of Math 12/10/2019
Intro To Computers 12/10/2019
Principles of Sociology 12/10/2019
Career/Life Planning 12/10/2019
Think Legacy 12/26/2019
Substance Abuse Educ Prog 04/05/2020
Communication Skills 04/17/2020
Computer Accounting 05/05/2020
Parenting 05/19/2020
Domestic Violence 05/31/2020
Thinking Errors Group 07/13/2020
Stress Management 05/17/2021
Stress Management 12/20/2021


Offense Sentence Date County Case # Community Sup Length SIS Probation

Prior Probation/SIS History

Offense Sentence Date County Case # Community Sup Length SIS Probation